We have a petition requesting a U.N. Peacekeeping Mission and humanitarian assistance for West Papua. Please find the link bellow and sign:


We provide the opportunity for everyone to assist our movement. If you are interested to get involved please lets us know. We are always happy to receive assistance and direct you. You will be part of our lifesaving team.

Supporters stories

Glen Gillard                                                                                                                                                         Glen is one of our Australian supporters based in Brisbane. He is  an amazing activist and very talented artist. His support is very encouraging. He is a role model for community engagement providing a better understanding about the West Papuan struggle for peace, justice and independence.

Glen states:

“My involvement with West Papua issues began about 14 years ago when I saw on a map that the western part of the island was called Irian Jaya. I thought that didn’t seem right, that was an Indonesian name so how did that happen? I joined a group here in Brisbane which was a supporter of the West Papuan people and learnt about the situation and how wrong it was. A few years later I had the opportunity to set up at our local markets and inform people about the injustice happening in West Papua, our very near neighbor  – killings by the Indonesian military and police, Biak and other massacres, rape, burning of villages, bashings, people in prison etc. and the history of how that came about – Sukarno, United Nations, Holland, USA, Australia and so on. I have been doing the markets each month for 10 years trying to get support for the Melanesian people of West Papua.”

Glen has also written very inspirational poetry on West Papua: