Journal Articles

A. Law
1.West Papua Exposed: An Abandoned Non-Self-Governing or Trust Territory by Julian McKinlay King & Andrew Johnson. Please find the link here;

B. Genocide
1. A slow-motion genocide: Indonesian rule in West Papua by Jim Elmslie & Camellia B. Webb-Gannon, University of Sydney. Please find the link here:
2. Colonialism and Cold Genocide: The Case of West Papua by Kjell Anderson, Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies. Please find the link here;
3. Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua: Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control, A paper prepared for the Indonesian Human Rights Network by Allard K. Lowenstein, International Human Rights Clinic, Yale Law School and assisted by Elizabeth Brundige, Winter King, Priyneha Vahali, Stephen Vladeck, & Xiang Yuan. Please find the link here:

C. Security, Humanitarian and Armed Conflict
1. Global Campaign on Unending Modern Armed Conflcit between Indonesia and West Papua By Akouboo Amatus Douw. Please find here; :

D. Human Rights
Indonesia: Independence for West Papua? By Keith Suter. See the link here;



1. The United Nations and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua, 1962-1969: The Anatomy of Betrayal by John Saltford. See the link here :
2. The world’s richest islands of West Papua: under international system in the 21 century by Amatus Douw. See the link here:
3. West Papua & Indonesia Since Suharto: Independence, Autonomy Or Chaos? by Professor Peter King, University of Sydney. Please find the link here:
4. An act of free choice : decolonisation and the right to self-determination in West Papua by Pieter Drooglever, translated by Theresa Stanton, Maria van Yperen & Marjolijn de Jager. See the link here: &
5. One People, One Soul: West Papuan Nationalism and the Organisasi Papua Merdeka by Otto Ondawame. Please see the link here: