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This website is dedicated to raising awareness about West Papua’s legal right to independence and supporting West Papua’s increasing number of refugees and internally displaced persons. An estimated 45,000 people have recently been made homeless as the Indonesian military terrorises villagers with military sweeping operations. Thousands have also fled to neighbouring Papua New Guinea living in remote camps along the border.

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The Free Papua Movement aims to end the ongoing oppression in West Papua and bring freedom to the Papuan people. A humanitarian crisis is ongoing with the death of an estimated 500,000 West Papuans since the take-over by Indonesia in 1963. Legal scholars and academics describe the conditions as meeting the definition of genocide under the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide (see Journal Articles).

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International Human Rights Day Campaign for West Papua, Brisbane 10 December 2021

Julian and Max with the Free Papua Movement / OPM TPNPB, assisted with the campaign to educate the Australian community about the current situation in West Papua. That was a good start and amazing community support from the Brisbane community.


NIEUW GUINEA RAAD Sejarah mencatat bahwa proses kebangsaan Papua menuju sebuah negara yang merdeka, pernah terjadi pada tahun 1961 dibawah resim kolonialisme Belanda, Dimana saat itu Belanda Sebagai penjajah di teritorial West Papua (Nederland Niuew Guinea), saat itu pula desakan PBB (pasal 73 DT piagam PBB) memiliki tanggungjawab dalam mempersiapkan bangsa Papua Barat untuk menentukan […]

Free Papua Movement are calling for United Nations Security Council Intervention

Anniversary of West Papuan National Day, December 1,2021, the morning star flag was raised across the world including Australia. SBS TV World News Reported West Papuan’s demand for Independence. Chairman of Diplomatic Council for The Free Papua Movement /TPNPB OPM said : We calling on the Australian Government to take this critical humanitarian crisis through […]

“International Community Support have been Growing for Free West Papua”

We thank you for their solidarity who supporting to the Free Papua Movement for Free West Papua.